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His Family (New Edition)

His Family (New Edition) - Poole Ernest Poole, Poole Ernest Poole

For The Loving Father

This is my first Pulitzer novel to read because, I challenged myself to read Pulitzer novels since last year I invested my time reading Young Adults because I'm still young and YA is my genre . I promised myself that every time I read a book I'll try to write a review on it hoping I can do this! URGH!

His Family by Ernest Poole was the first Pulitzer winner for fiction (1918). The story revolved around Roger Gale the main protagonist in the story. He had three daughters named Edith, Deborah, and Laura. His wife died a few years after they had their youngest daughter. As the story moved from his daughter's life, he also learned new things in life in which he can reflect this in his own life. A father who always wanted the best for his children, who wanted nothing but a better life. That's the role of a father.

"You will live in our children's lives" this is the last words from Judith (Roger's wife) before she died. These were the words Roger tried to do. To make his full life looking for his daughters. But how can a father guide his daughters with different personalities? Reading this novel made me think of my future, how will I handle my own children when it comes? Will I be strict with them or not? How will I live in their lives? Okay! Seriously! I'm afraid now. LOL

What will you do if your youngest daughter will marry a man you don't like? What should you do? How will you react? These simple things are hard to give justifications because of the feelings involved here. While reading this novel, I wonder if what will you choose? Your instinct or other's happiness? This is hard for a father to do what's right for you but not with others.

His Family is not only a family drama but realizing what is happening outside your home. I am a future teacher and by analyzing Deborah's character (because she's a teacher) I realize how a teacher touches other children's lives. Some may say that being a teacher is a noble profession, yet, teaching is not a job, it's beyond what is inside the classroom. Because it was first World War (WWI) we can visualize what is happening in New York - homeless children, starving people, malnutrition, prostitution and many more. Imagine a teacher coping with different problems by her students. Your students are considered as your family.

If you are a father just always remember, You Will Live in your Childern's Lives .