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Lullaby - Chuck Palahniuk
I Want You To Die For Me Baby

Personal review for Lullaby

Let's say that a simple chant can change your life forever. A simple song can really make you devastated. The words behind Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby is simply ambitious. Imagine a simple poem can kill many people, simply by reading it to your victim. Oh boy! This is different from his other works. What makes it different is for its fictional content. Too much power and I can’t believe it. Did Chuck write something more of a fiction? Maybe I prefer his other works such as Invisible Monsters, Survivor and Choke. For me this is far more different from his previous novels. Don’t make a wrong impression, this is a wonderful book but it does simply don’t satisfy my reading taste of his works.

What is Lullaby? It is a song or hymn to make a child sleep. But with this novel, it makes them dead. With Carl Streator, he collects the information about the child killing because of his nature of work which is news reporter. He looks for the reason of numerous deaths of babies.
Words are your powerful weapon – that’s what Chuck Palahniuk’s trying to tell us. Words can make you laugh and also can make you sad. Words can bring life but also pass death. That’s how powerful a word can be. Life depends on what is supplying words in it. Can you live life with wordless sound?

For example, listening to music can make you feel down. Emotional songs with strong lyrics can make you sad. See how words can control you? What will you do if you are lonely? Listen to lively music. Enjoy the beat, bring the beat in. That’s why some people commit suicide because of the songs they are listening to. Words words words! They can deceive you.

Words can control you, what you see on the television, hear on radio can affect you too well. Colonial mentality, you can brainwash people by letting them believe on your words. Suck life! That’s too bad. Words, life, death. Let’s have a wordplay.