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The Da Vinci Code

The Da Vinci Code  - Dan Brown
A Code That Breaks Your Faith
A review on Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code

Title: The Da Vinci Code
Author: Dan Brown
Rank: 85th book in 2014

Plot movement: 4stars
Entertainment Factor: 5stars
Characters: 3stars
Writing Style: 4stars
Details: 5stars
Provoking: 5stars
Worldly Relevance: 4stars
Suspense: 4stars
Conclusion: 4stars
Emotion: 4stars

WARNING This book belongs to fiction genre. Always remember that this is fiction . If you have queries please conduct a research. This book will challenge your faith.

My second Dan Brown experience and still not to disappoint. This is the second adventure of Robert Langdon, symbologist in Harvard. Unlike his previous work which is Angels and Demons which explains more of the brotherhood Illuminati and the history that lies on the sculptures and sculptors in Rome, The Da Vinci Code elucidates more of The Bible and Jesus Christ. A sensitive issue for religious person. No wonder they banned the movie to many cinemas worldwide including here in Philippines. The largest mall in terms of branches which is SM banned the movie because of its sensitive content.

For me, this book was entertaining. That’s why I don’t hesitate on giving the Entertainment Factor 5 stars. Really, this book sometimes gave me Goosebumps. The content of this book will surely gives you a challenge to your faith. Read this at your own risk. Remember, I’m warning you, this book is not for people who have weak faith. I can honestly say that some scenes on the book make me question the reality. Is this real? All the time I believe in…… but after that I keep reminding myself that this novel is fiction. Okay, this is fiction.

Although this book entertained me a lot, I find some part boring or let’s say that I just want to skip some parts on the book. Plus, same formula in Angels and Demons, her sidekick was a girl related to a murdered victim. Then here comes the blessing, I wonder if Langdon was born to be lucky. Every time that he’s in a big trouble, someone will help him. The villain is related to Robert Langdon same as his previous work. I won’t spoil. HAHA. These are the factors I observed on this book.

I liked the novel. Really, but there are some issues that I don’t like on the book. Like what I've said earlier the same formula, and some boring parts but I like the book entirely. Good entertainment factor plus, I love the ending. Dan Brown will let you see the other side of what we believe. It’s like letting our body flow in the river of truth.

While reading this book, I just wondered. On the bible, it explained well the birth of Jesus until he’s 12 years old. Then after the incident on the church, it skipped when he was 30 years old. Where are the missing years of Jesus that doesn’t include in the bible? Form 12 y/o – 30 y/o. Hmmmmm. Any explanation?