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The Lost Symbol

The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown
The Secrets Behind The Symbols
A review on Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol

Title: The Lost symbol
Author: Dan Brown
Rank: 86th book in 2014

Plot movement: 2stars
Entertainment Factor: 1star
Characters: 1star
Writing Style: 3stars
Details: 4stars
Provoking: 2stars
Worldly Relevance: 3stars
Suspense: 2stars
Conclusion: 1star
Emotion: 1star

My 3rd Dan Brown and a major disappointment. I don’t know why but I didn’t grasp my attention. Totally boring for me. When I say that this book is boring, what I mean is the content of the book gives too much gibberish information. Oodles of information that didn’t make a sound for me. While reading the book, I’m eager to finish this tonight so I can move on to a next book. Definitely not my type of book.

Before the further explanation of my rating, let me share first what I experienced earlier. I went to Brgy. Sta. Elena in Hagonoy bulacan to attend fiesta. We go to this church yearly. Then we’ll attend to the parade because I am one of the consorte of the Hermano Mayor. Because im so eager to finish this book, even in church I’m reading this novel. Of course there is no mass, I’m just taking a rest from the parade. Then one man, probably same as my age approached me and asked:

Man: Bro, you’re reading a Dan Brown novel?
Me: Yes, why?
Man: You’re reading a Dan Brown novel inside this church?
Me: Yes, is there any problem?
Man: Bro, don’t you know that Dan Brown is a disciple of Satan?
Me: What? Sir, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Quite funny because he approaches me to say that the author of what I’m reading is a disciple of demon. Well, I can’t blame him because of Brown’s work and his popularity. After that, I can’t stop myself from smiling. The perks of reading a book! Yey~

So, lets go back to the book, as what I’ve said, this is the kill for Dan Brown for me. The plot was definitely in slow pacing. Because the book is non-linear, I had a hard time catching on what is happening. I am not amazed on the magic square, Egyptian decoding, Masons, or even the secret behind the Capitol. Although Dan Brown wanted to change the flow of his works since Angels and Demons, it is obviously same. It’s like finding something new. Readers crave for more. That is a major No No for a writer, although you’ll give a watermark to your novels or should I say your trademark, like the works of Haruki Murakami, John Green, Nicholas Sparks, etc etc…. you should be sensitive to what will the readers feel about your new installment. Will they be amazed by your now work or they will find it blant?

Because of its slow improvement, the entertainment factor decreases. While reading this, I feel bored. The magic of Dan Brown from Angels and Demons decreases. For me, I just regret reading this book. Look, 500+ pages, I can read almost two novels. If the entertainment Factor lessens, then how it will catch my attention also lessens. Dan Brown can give as many information as you want, he can relate everything and with that, it seems that the information he serves us seems unreliable or part of his wild imagination.

Another plus, this time I hate the character of Robert Langdon. He’s too hard-headed. And the each characters presence changes from one point to another. And I don’t like it. I want a stable character. I know there must be change, but too much change can be unreliable. Sorry Dan Brown, not a good book for me. Probably, I’ll save Inferno, Digital Fortress, and Deception Point on my future readings.