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Alice Adams

Alice Adams - Booth Tarkington
The World full of Lies
A review on Booth Tarkington’s Alic Adams

Title: Alice Adams
Author: Booth Tarkington
Rank: 87th book in 2014

Plot movement: 2stars
Entertainment Factor: 1star
Characters: 1star
Writing Style: 3stars
Details: 3stars
Provoking: 3stars
Worldly Relevance: 4stars
Suspense: 1star
Conclusion: 1star
Emotion: 1star

My 3rd Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction (1922). Alice Adams is different for Tarkington’s previous novel which is The Magnificent Ambersons which is also a Pulitzer Winner. Unlike The Magnificent Ambersons – which lives belonged to aristocratic family – Alice Adams fits in a poor family. And because they are less fortunate, they look for more. They crave for luxury and comfortable life.

Alice Adam is a normal girl who wants to have a successful life. She goes to dance to meet young men. I think she’s social climber. I don’t know how I will write a formal review to this novel. I can’t express my feeling toward the book. One thing I appreciated in this book was the love of the mother towards her children. She’ll do whatever it takes to make her daughter happy. That’s all.