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Casino Royale (James Bond)

Casino Royale (James Bond) - Ian Fleming
007: The Origin of the Secret Agent
A review on Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale

Title: Casino Royale
Author: Ian Fleming
Rank: 88th book in 2014

Plot movement: 3stars
Entertainment Factor: 3stars
Characters: 4stars
Writing Style: 3stars
Details: 3stars
Provoking: 3stars
Action Scenes: 2stars
Suspense: 2stars
Conclusion: 3stars
Emotion: 2stars

Another book marathon. Last night, I posted a picture of 007 logo on my facebook account as my cover photo. So officially, yesterday was the start of my 007 Book Marathon.

I’m not fond of James Bond movies. James Bond’s character was too old for me. My father loves 007 a lot. Probably, his favorite next to Bruce Willis. I didn’t like Bond before (I’m talking about before) because the movies are too old for my taste plus the explicit content which is not suitable for kids so I didn’t have a chance to witness the killing of legendary agent 007. But recently, last 2012, I was in Cebu that time together with my cousin, we watched Skyfall (recent James bond film) in SM Cebu. At first I think this movie will kill me to boredom but I’m wrong! YES! SKYFALL WAS FANTASTIC! Maybe I liked it because it was my first James Bond experience. James Bond was WOW (plus the soundtrack was sung by no other than Adele *fanboy*)

Ian Fleming’s debut James Bond novel was Casino Royale. The start of the Legendary 007 agent . I’ll be honest, I am vacillate on reading this book. Why? Because on my first reading it was like I really can’t grasp on the story but fortunately YEHEEY! I finished reading this book. It was okay for me. Not bad for an opening novel for a book marathon. Thank God I like this novel because if I don’t then probably I will not finish the entire series. There are 14 James Bond Original Series written by Ian Fleming so if I got bored on this one how can I have a courage reading the next one. It’s just like listening to an album, you’ll look your first impression on the first track. If you’ll find it boring, how will you judge the next one? There is an impression already. So like what Ive said, this book was okay for me. I like it.

Let me divide the book into three parts. The first on is the introduction. Introducing James Bond with his skills in gambling. *confetti* It’s like the author introduced different characters such as M, Le Chiffre , Vesper Lynd and other characters. Also, Fleming introduced different organizations like SMESH, CIA, etc. The beginning was XOXO or it was okay, just plain and nothing new. James Bond playing baccarat with Le Chiffre for bankruptcy of the later. What I liked on this part was the instruction in playing baccarat. With a simple glimpse of the game Fleming described, I knew something new. It’s a plus point for this novel. And the stakes a high, millions and millions of Franc (the setting was in France).

Another part is the action. Because it is 007 novel, readers will expect more actions. If you watched 007 movies (currently as of today, 2014, they had 24 James Bond movies), there was pure action, BANG BANG BANG, KILL KILL KILL, DIE DIE DIE. But unfortunately, there was less action on the novel. I was expecting more but it turns out that there’s more torture than action. Yes readers, there was a scene when James Bond was tortured while he’s naked. But because here the main protagonist, what will you expect? He survived! And the reason? LUCKY James Bond! You must be lucky agent 007 (of course I won’t spoil, HAHA). That was the reason why I rated the Action Scenes 2stars. I want more actions, more killing, more pleading! Lol. Kidding!

Last part is romance. If you’re going to ask, aside from action, what is the highlight of 007 the answer is girls. Beautiful, seductive alluring femme fatale. Leading ladies of 007 are expected to be beautiful and seductive. Let’s not forget Bond having a happy time with her leading ladies. My father told me that in every James Bond movies, love, sex, intimate scenes were part in the flow of the story of 007. And here it is, the last part of the book. Love love love. James bond as Don Romantiko. I like how the story ends. I’m satisfied with the ending. Lynd, girl you rock my world with your revelation!

1 book down, 13 books to go. Another James Bond novel coming up!