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Live and Let Die (James Bond)

Live and Let Die (James Bond) - Ian Fleming
Live Life to the Fullest Bond or Die
A review on Ian Fleming’s Live or Let Die

Title: Live and Let Die
Author: Ian Fleming
Rank: 89th book in 2014

Plot movement: 3stars
Entertainment Factor: 3stars
Characters: 3stars
Writing Style: 2stars
Details: 4stars
Provoking: 3stars
Action Scenes: 3stars
Suspense: 2stars
Conclusion: 2stars
Emotion: 2stasr

Second novel from Ian Fleming’s original James Bond Series. Live and Let Live or should I say Live and Let Die contains a dose of actions than his previous book. It was about stopping Mr. Big on smuggling gold coins which is one big fund for SMESH (previously mentioned on Casino Royale). Mr. Bond together with his American friend Leiter uncover the big smuggling business in Harlem.

On this novel, contains more BANG BANG BANG< KILL KILL KILL, DIE DIE DIE scenes. I’m comparing this book on Ian’s Casino Royale (James Bond 1). I like the action but it’s not something to remember. Let’s just say that the book doesn’t sustain the suspense factor. Too blunt and unsatisfying. And again, youre very luck James Bond. I think you’re the older brother of Robert Langdon. Why is it when the villain tortures James Bond, someone will help him to stay alive? You’re very lucky Mr. 007. You Live and Let Live.

I’m just wondering, this book was written in 1954, but the sexual gratification of characters are explicitly described. Seriously, premarital sex was pretty much obvious during the time of legendary James Bond. I guess, who can resist with the beauty of Solitaire (so named because she excludes men from her life). She drives men crazy based on how Fleming described her.
Her hair was black and fell to her shoulders. She had high cheekbones and a sensual mouth, and wore a dress of white silk. Her eyes were blue, alight and disdainful.

And what about Mr. Big? Buonaparte Ignace Gallia is a voodoo leader and a smuggler of golden coin and lastly, works in SMESH. If your going to read this novel, I think, bad men are those black people. Mr. Big was a African – American, and his associates are Negroes. Negro was the term Fleming used. Because it was written in 1950’s, expect the term used were not the same as the terms we used today. If Fleming was still alive today, I’m going to ask him why he used black people as bad people. I don’t want to think he’s racist. I’m off to the races please. :D HOHO

So again, the plot movement was okay. It didn’t catch my attention. There was absence of WOW factor. WOW factor that will you remember. For example, you will recall it after few years the ou’ll remember the action scenes on this book. But meh! Action scenes were okay but not satisfying. But there’s progress than his previous adventure. This contains more action.

I need more of Solitaire. I want her in my bed. Lol kidding!