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Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins
Burn! Girl on Fire, BURN!
A review on Suzanne Collins’ Mockingjay

Title: Mockingjay (The Hunger Games 3)
Author: Suzanne Collins
Rank: 91st book in 2014

Plot movement: 3stars
Entertainment Factor: 3stars
Characters: 3stars
Writing Style: 3stars
Details: 4stars
Provoking: 3stars
Action Scenes: 3stars
Suspense: 4stars
Conclusion: 3stars
Emotion: 3stasr

Last year, I read The Hurger Games and Catching Fire. I’m hooked with the latter novel and I continued reading Mockingjay but I’m not satisfied on how it was ended. I gave this book 1 star and told myself that I will read this next year which is this year. So I gave another try.
Last installment in The Hunger Games trilogy. I’ll be honest; THG is my favorite dystopian series. I really love The Hunger Games (4stars) and of course Catching Fire (5stars) however this last book had some trouble to catch the suspense factor on the said two books. This is the last book, so I expect more, more action, more revelation and more turning tables. Yes, I love how it was ended but I’m not satisfied. There’s something missing in this novel.

My name is Katniss Everdeen. Why am I not dead? I should be dead!

She’s Katniss, the girl on fire! After surviving the Quarter Quell, she was sent to District 13. The secret district which was the start of rebellion that results to the formation of The Hunger Games. She was not safe! The fire ignites; the capitol wants revenge same as the rebels.

I really love this trilogy, however there are some points you must observe on the flow of the story.

First Different Katniss Everdeen
If you’re going to analyze Katniss’ character based of the first two books, she deserves to be a mockingjay. I love how she fights to live, to survive the arena. I salute Katniss for that. In mockingjay, I don’t know why but she’s so weak. Her character didn’t match the previous books. She’s not the girl I liked. Primrose is much better in this book than her. What happened to the GIRL ON FIRE? Maybe Collin wants to spill the other side of Katniss but I don’t buy it.

Second Unjustified Killing
Why Collins? Do you need to kill some important people here? Please, I know you want to manipulate the feelings of your reader but you must elaborate more. Okay, they die and so what? It’s not just you want to kill them but keep them into spotlight. You just focused on Katniss, how about Prim? Annie? Jhoanna? What? Killing some people here doesn’t make the book brutal, it makes nonsense. I want justice! JUSTICE FOR PRIMROSE AND FINNICK!

Third Annoying Peeta
This is the last book Collins. Give me something remarkable on every major character in the story. Give their legacies. On Peeta? What the fuck! Through the book I hate him and my hatred for him grows and grows until it seems Gale is much better for Katniss for me. I understand Peeta’s situation but he deserves more character because it’s the last book Suzanne. The last book, so the characters must have more and more strength or development. Peeta ruined it. I don’t like it.

Fourth Rushed and Unsatisfied Ending
Ugh! On chapter 21 onwards, I feel the story was so fast that I don’t understand what and why. Unsatisfied in terms of rushed things. I expect Katniss to kill President snow but what happened? Katniss blew it. To many unjustified killings plus rushed and unsatisfied ending = BOOM! Mockingjay bye bye!

Still, I love this series. Mockingjay was not the ending I expected but overall, I’m THG fan. 