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Roar and Liv (Under the Never Sky, #0.5)

Roar and Liv (Under the Never Sky, #0.5) - Veronica Rossi
Liv or Love?
A review on Veronica Rossi’s Roar and Liv

Title: Roar and Liv
Author: Veronica Rossi
Series: Under The Never Sky 0.5
Rank: 93rd book in 2014

Plot movement: 4stars
Entertainment Factor: 3stars
Characters: 4stars
Writing Style: 3stars
Details: 2stars
Provoking: 4stars
Action Scenes: 3stars
Suspense: 3stars
Conclusion: 3stars
Emotion: 3stars

Welcome to another young Adult novel. Under The Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi. What can I say? This is good for a novella. I read novellas from different YA series such as Legend, Shatter Me, Lunar Chronicles, etc. but this is one of my favorite novella. Why? It can stand alone as a love story presented by the charaters of Olivia or Live and Roar. Smart story and full of love. This is a good impression to start a new series. I’ll finish Under The Never Sky, promise. :)

This is the story of young love from Tide. I am confused, what is tide? Is it tribe, kingdom or faction? It was not clearly stated on the book but this Tide as ruled by a leader which was called Blood Lord. Vale, brother of Liv was the Blood Lord in Tide. The story revolves around the selling Liv to other tribe or kingdom or whatsoever. Ah, young love. Roar fights for his love. No matter what happens, Live is for Roar. Very common plot but I like the story.

Here are some points in the story:
What are the terms the author used? Seer? Scire? Aud? Aether? What are those? Since this is the introduction to the series can the author give us some information about these terms? A simple gist so the readers will understand the world in Under The Never Sky.

Conflict starts without warning. As a reader, you’ll visualize the world in the book so there will be numerous opinions about the flow of the story but in this novelette I find it too fast faced. What’s happening? What are those people who ambushed them? What is beyond Tide boundary and the last question.. What happened to Liv? What’s with the time? It happened already, they need to survive but running away is not the answer for it. What makes this a strong point? I’m craving for more. I’m looking forward to meet Roar and Liv on the second book or first book in the series.

BTW, I love these chessy lines:

Roar: I’m not terrified of what I could be losing in the future. I’m scared of losing what I already have.

Liv: When I think about being without you, I can barely breathe.

Welcome to the world of Under The Never Sky! And another question, what is the real name of Roar? Katy Perry’s Roar song keeps playing in my head.