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Dorothy Must Die

Dorothy Must Die - Danielle  Paige
Not The Girl You Used To Know
A review onDanielle Paige’s Dorothy Must Die

Title: Dorothy Must Die
Author: Danielle Paige
Series:Dorothy Must Die #1
Rank: 97th book in 2014

Plot movement: 4stars
Entertainment Factor: 5stars
Characters: 4stars
Writing Style: 4stars
Details: 4stars
Provoking: 4stars
Action Scenes: 3stars
Suspense: 4stars
Conclusion: 4stars
Emotion: 4stars

And here she is….. Dorothy. Ooooops! Yes, this is her legend but this is not her story. She is not the girl you used to know.

I honestly don’t know the story behind The Wizard of Oz. I didn’t read the story or even watched a play regarding Oz. I’m totally new as baby reading this novel. Luckily, the author recalled the previous story on her previous novella which is No Place Like Oz (4stars) so I had a glimpse of the legendary Dorothy Gale. Early 2013, there was a movie which is Oz, The Great and Powerful. Unluckily, I didn’t watch the movie because I’m busy with my field study teaching. Another cross marked to encounter the magical world of Oz. That time, I’m so obsessed listening to the movie’s OST which is Almost Home by Mariah Carey. I’m really hooked with the beat and its powerful lyrics. Since I’m reading Dorothy Must Die, I keep the song repeating on my player. What can I say; I immersed myself to the song while reading the novel. I’m so in love with the magical presence strong as the lion’s courage here in this book.

Characters from the original story were presented here in re-telling of Oz. Dorothy, together with her friends like Tin man, Scarecrow, Lion and Glinda– The Witch of South. It all started with the new Oz, not The Wizard of Oz but Dorothy’s Oz. After claiming the throne for the right heir which is Ozma, Dorothy was crowned as the Princess of Oz. But unlike the previous Oz, the land encountered a very great change. The land was worse than the time the Worse Witches were ruling the throne. The magic that keeps the Oz alive was lessened and lessened until the magic itself was rare on the land. Oz is not the place for laughter and peace, the terrain was place for fear and slavery. Because of hunger for power. The root of all the problem – MAGIC. The Oz began with magic and could end with magic.

The main protagonist is not Dorothy, in fact she was the main villain in the story. Funny how the author made the desirable character undesirable. I am used to retelling which the original protagonist was still the protagonist on the new story but not with Paige’s world. Yes! Dorothy must die because all of the fear and tears was all her fault. She ruined the magical land of Oz. If you can still recall her contribution on the freedom of Oz, it seems the she put the world into chaos. Hunger, fear, anger and abuse were the effect of her reign. Amy Gumm was the main character in the story, same as Dorothy, she came from Kansas. Tornado was the way to let her enter to the world of Oz. I told you, same as Dorothy, she came from the Other Land and one thing, she was sent here to kill the one who was responsible for the suffering of the land, to kill Dorothy. Together with the Revolutionary Order of Wicked she joined Gert, Mumbis, Nox and Glamora to kill the princess. Good or wicked was not how we were going to classify the witches here. Good or not, they joined each other for rule out the evil.

Very entertaining story, what more can I add. Except for the cliffhanging ending. Paige wants us to wait for her next novel. To find out if Amy will kill Dorothy. I can’t wait for the next book. Please Paige, release a new book this year. The book contains too much conspiracy, secrets and confusing characters. The author keeps playing our emotion in her hands. I’m tired reading Young Adult with the same formula. Same character, same plot, same ending but the magical world of Oz is different YA book for me. It’s like tasting a re-cooked food with a new taste.

One thing that I don’t like in this novel was some parts of it were unnecessary. Like what’s the point of doing this or that. Then there are some inconsistencies in this book like the painting, if I were Dorothy or Glinda, I’ll look for Amy through the painting. And another point is the Emerald City was the territory of Glinda and Dorothy so they can’t easily appear on the hallway or anywhere near the palace but how can they appear in the palace like it’s too safe. I recalled that there are some precautions that they cannot use their magic inside the premises but the used a lot of magic and still they are unnoticed. Why?

If you want some magical plot to imagine, I’ll recommend this book to you. Thumbs up!