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Angels & Demons

Angels & Demons  - Dan Brown In the Name of the Brotherhood
A review on Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons

Title: Angels and Demons
Author: Dan Brown
Rank: 84th book in 2014

Plot movement: 5stars
Entertainment Factor: 5stars
Characters: 5stars
Writing Style: 4stars
Details: 5stars
Provoking: 5stars
Worldly Relevance: 4stars
Suspense: 5stars
Conclusion: 5stars
Emotion: 4stars

This is my first Dan Brown experience so let me say that it exceeds my expectation. Since I read Gone Girl – Gillian Flynn (5stars) I craved for more suspense/thriller books. I’m not used to it at first because my common books in my bookshelves are more of dystopian or young adult. I give myself a try, why don’t I seek for more genres outside my haven. So here it is – Angels and Demons.
My close friend warned me about this book. She doesn’t like Dan Brown much because of the impression on his The Da Vinci Code novel that turned into film last 2009 if im not mistaken. I’m the bad guy here so I didn’t follow her opinion. I read A&D (Angels and Demons). So here’s the catch, when I took my Art Appreciation subject when I was a first year student (2010), this subject was my most favorite. Maybe because of the sculptures and the history that lies on it. Plus, my Art Appreciation teacher was agnostic so he gave plenty of his understanding about this matter. That time, I was feeling a little bit agnostic (I even questioned the existence of God) but now, I renew my faith with God so there’s no problem with my religion stableness. :D HAHA
As a physics teacher, yes I agree with the opposite of everything such as up quarks and down quarks, protons and electrons, north pole and south pole of magnetism. Even with my classmates, we discussed a little bit of existence of what we called antimatter with is the topic on the novel. But on the book, there are some flaws regarding science and religion. We cannot make opposites join together such as science and religion. If the science proves the existence of particle God, then the faith on churches will decrease no matter how strong the churches are. I just ignore it because while reading, I remind myself that this is a novel – fiction- this is not a textbook so let me just digest the context of the book.
Highly engaging, what more can I say. With the Illuminati brotherhood, fucking awesome ambigrams, the killings of cardinals on different elements are the strong points of the novel. Plus with this 500+ pages, the entire book happens within 24 hours period. This is awesome.
When it comes to entertainment factor, this is very entertaining. When I’m reading this novel, sometimes I murmur foul words because of the intense scenes on the book. Fucking book! I even had a palpitation because of the information about the brotherhood. Another one, I am highly amazed on the angles pointing to each destination of the new element. I even looked for the pictures of the said church or sculpture mentioned on the book.