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Under The Never Sky

Under The Never Sky  - Veronica Rossi
Uniting The Lost Sky
A review on Veronica Rossi’s Under The Never Sky

Title: Under The Never Sky
Author: Veronica Rossi
Series: Under The Never Sky 1
Rank: 94th book in 2014

Plot movement: 3stars
Entertainment Factor: 2stars
Characters: 2stars
Writing Style: 3stars
Details: 3stars
Provoking: 2stars
Action Scenes: 2stars
Suspense: 2stars
Conclusion: 3stars
Emotion: 2stars

Now, this is the first book in the Under The Never Sky trilogy. I read lots of dystopian novels and when I say lots of dystopian it means plenty of books that can be categorized as this classification. Since I read books in this genre, I’m looking for something remarkable. Unfortunately Under The Never Sky contains formula that we can find in other books. What do I mean by that? Now, let’s explain it well…

The land under Aether. Aether, Aether, Aether. What is Aether? I asked my friend here in Goodreads. Aether is a storm in the series. Okay, now I know but what is the beginning of Aether? I looked for further information in the book but unfortunately I didn’t find what is the beginning of this storm. The storm exists but what is its origin?

There are different tribes such as Tides where Peregrine or Perry (male protagonist) belongs. Dweller where Aria lives. And so much tribes such as carnivore tribes, etc etc. same formula in The Hunger Games where there are different districts. Also I think of Veronica Roth’s factions in Divergent trilogy. I told you, same dystopian formula.

Another one, in Tides, some of the members are called Marked. What are Marked people? They have special or more improved senses. Examples of this are Seer (visual), Aud (hearing), Scire (smelling). What are those people? I think these powers or should I say extra skills are same as Tahereh Mafi’s Unravel Me trilogy. There’s resemblance with the characters of Rossi and Mafi. Sorry but I didn’t like it.

BUT, but but. There are some scenes where I learned to like the novel. And these are….

Smarteyes – yes! They are tribes but with this smarteyes towards Realms, well it’s fantastic. I love it. It’s like escaping reality by looking into Realms. You can go wherever you want and I wish I can have one! HAHA

Another one is Roar. No Liv? So sad but I like Roar. I always imagine him as Wolverine. HAHA

Maybe Through The Ever Night (Under The Never Sky 2) can wait. I’ll probably read it but not now.